All Ratepayers to Fund SoCal Edison Electric Car Chargers for the Rich

By Stephen Frank
January 17, 2016

The very rich want to be politically correct—so they buy expensive all electric cars—but once they leave their neighborhood, they may not have a place to recharge their toys. To the rescue is SoCal Edison. They are going to build 1500 recharging stations around the State—by stealing from the poor and middle class, by raising electric rates to pay for the toys of the rich.

“The $22 million that Edison will use for the pilot program comes from the company’s general investment fund.

“These investments would be depreciated over time, just like any other electric grid investments are,” said Stern. “The cost is recovered gradually over the years through rates.”

If the pilot program proves successful, Edison will seek to increase the number of charging stations throughout the region further to about 30,000 for a total estimated cost of $355 million.

Yup, $355 million in higher energy rates so the rich can play. Think this is fair? In comparison government gave ZERO to the building of gas stations around the nation. No utility helped financed the system of gas stations in California. In affect, SoCal Edison is taxing the people of California for the crony capitalists to pretend they are saving the Earth. Sick. Angry yet? I bet you did not know about this.